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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse in Helsinki?

I’ve been helping out at the info tables for the Helsinki in 2017 bid for Worldcon a lot this summer, and this means I’ve heard some very interesting questions posed!  After visiting Helsinki several times in the past two years, I feel more prepared to answer questions than some volunteers.  I have to admit, though, I don’t know it all.  The question that stumped me the most this month was … “What happens if there’s a zombie attack in Helsinki during the Worldcon?”

R from Warm Bodies

This zombie might eat your heart out …

That seems more likely to happen then than at any other time, honestly, and I have to admit, after reading several Seanan McGuire books, I can’t say I’m not afraid of a ‪‎zombie‬ attack … particularly after seeing photographic proof of a Mika Loponen zombie in the Helsinki‬ area

So! Research time! Here are some resources I’ve found for if there’s a zombie attack in Helsinki during Worldcon!

Here are some reasons why it’d be relatively easy to weather a zombie attack in Helsinki.

It’s very important to figure out if it’s a real zombie. Safely, if possible, determine whether it might be someone alive participating in a zombie walk, like this nice individual.

You might want to make sure it’s not a practical joke, (whether or not it’s April 1st) …

Be particularly cautious if you might be dealing with a zombie Viking‬ (they might just be participating in a LARP) …

And our Canadian friends have been teaching Zombie Survival Camp for a few years now, apparently!

I didn’t actually find much in the way of a plan from the city of Helsinki in the case of a zombie attack. Anyone care to add info (or write something up), so we can build it into the next iteration of our FAQ? We can’t possibly be prepared for all potential issues we might face at Worldcon if we win … but this one seems too fun a question to let slide by!

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