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Helsinki’s Secret Green Rulers

As an American, I have to confess that I do my share crossing the street when the “don’t walk” sign clearly indicates I shouldn’t.

Finns don’t do that, it turns out.  When walking around with someone Finnish, I can now testify that it’s nearly impossible to get them to cross the street unless the green person in the traffic light says you can.


Finns are honestly obsessively obedient to traffic signs and walk signs.

During my last visit, though, I also noticed that signs of green men also indicate exits from buildings and tunnels.  There is clearly a larger mechanism at work, here!ImageThe truth must out!  Little green people must rule Helsinki.  They’re everywhere, telling you when you can go someplace.

I gotta say, there are many compelling reasons to vote for Helsinki in 2017 for Worldcon, but this adds to the list!


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