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Published in Another Fanzine!

The latest issue of Procrastinations is now available on John Coxon’s website, featuring articles from Claire Brialey, Meg Frank, Hannah Peaden, and ME, with cover artwork by Espana Sheriff.  Get it whilst it’s hot!

Cover to the Procrastinations 13 'Zine

Cover to the Procrastinations 13 ‘Zine

The theme of the ‘zine is burnout, particularly of staff on conventions.  I chose to write my article on avoiding burnout and how working on the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid helps keep me energized on fannish projects.  It’s definitely true that I keep busy, but choosing projects that are fun for my free time helps keep me on track for things that simply need to get done but I’m burnt out on.  So I use Helsinki as a cookie to savor after I’ve gotten some progress on a less invigorating project.

Check out the zine.  It also has fantastic art contributions from Julie Dillon (Hugo-nominated artist), Petri Hiltunen (Finnish artist), and Vesa Lehtimäki (Finnish artist)!  🙂


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