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Ninni Aalto, an artist I want to see on the Hugo ballot

Ninni Aalto did several pieces of art for the Helsinki in 2015 bid (my favorite being the iconic polar bear fishing which became our logo last year), and has done more for the Helsinki in 2017 bid for Worldcon.  She’s also created other art, too, though.  Because her first language is Finnish, she often posts things in Finnish then translates them into English.  You can see some of her blog — including comics and random art — here.

Ninni's Polar Bear Fishing (cropped)

This is a cropped copy of Ninni’s polar bear fishing in Helsinki’s waters.


My favorite recent comic is this one: Easy Fix.  She’s also blogged sometimes about her depression, which makes this comic all the more awesome and poignant to me.

I’ve discovered that several people agreed with me last year that Ninni should be on the Hugo ballot, to the point where she missed being listed as a Fan Artist nominee by only a couple of votes.  That’s sad, in my opinion, so I’m boosting her blog and art here in the hopes more people will take note.  Ninni would probably kill me if she knew I was writing this, but since she doesn’t read my blog, hopefully she won’t know (ha! triumph!).  Disclaimer: I do consider Ninni a friend via the internet, so obviously I’m a little biased.  That said, I believe her contributions to fannish art are large despite not being something everyone’s aware of.  Hence, my doing a signal boost here.  🙂

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