Arisia Plans Needing More Assistance

It’s time to ask for help for Arisia next week!  It’s past time, actually, but the past month has been hectic enough that I haven’t managed to put out another all-call until now.  Additionally, I’ve heard from an epic number of people unable to come to Arisia this year, which is sad.  So now we scramble.  I’m posting this to all my social media options.

There are two things I could use the most help with: working on the Arisia Photobooth (taking photos of people with props and backdrops we provide) and/or helping with the Helsinki in 2017 party.  Please read more beyond the cut!

Silliness from the Helsinki in 2015 Team

We admit to having fun. We like fun! Don’t you?

The Photobooth is new to Arisia this year, but I’ve run it at other conventions (including Worldcons).  In its basic form, the idea is to take pictures of people being silly and having a good time.  We provide a professional backdrop, lighting, props, and camera.  If desired, people can come up and ask to have their own camera or phone used to take their pictures.  If we have a working printer and laptop (which I hope to at Arisia, but we shall see), we can view pictures after taking them and select one or two per person to print out (FREE).  If we have time and whatnot, we can also offer to give copies of the pics to people who bring a flash drive with them.  Emailing them to people gets way too time-consuming too quickly, so I’ve stopped doing that.  If we have the permission of all people in the photo, we also let Newsletter and Social Media teams know about the set of photos of people who are willing to have their pics put on Twitter/FB/LJ/etc.

The Photobooth hours at Arisia this year are Friday through Monday, noon to 6 pm.  Practically speaking, that means setting up at 11 am and teardown by about 7 pm.  We won’t be tearing down the whole thing each night, so people can use the backdrop even when we’re not there.

The three basic jobs on Photobooth are: camera operator (it’ll be pretty straightforward and set up to be point-and-shoot), props handler (encourage people to try a silly hat, then help pose them so their eyes aren’t shaded in the pic), and picture printer/saver (if we have the technology setup).  Do any of those sound fun for you?  Even a couple of hours in a row would be really helpful.  Talk with me!

Helsinki in 2017 logo

Who can say no to such a cute polar bear? Who doesn’t want this to be everywhere throughout the con?

The Helsinki party at Arisia will be Saturday night of con, with setup starting at 5 pm and doors opening around 7 or 7:30.  We will be serving alcohol, so it will be a closed party, but I’ve got some awesome plans for how to encourage people to come and remember where we’ll be (which is the suite 1206/1207).  There will be a brief storytelling performance from the Finnish epic myth, the Kalevala!  There will be a liquor tasting, of tasty Finnish liquors!  There will be candy voting!  There will be smoked salmon and cheeses and fruit preserves and Finnish breads!  There will be some party prizes and excellent company!  I do need more people to help with the following, though: checking IDs at the doors, helping tend bar, helping with setup, helping with cleanup.  Would you be up for any of those tasks, even for a couple of hours?  Talk with me!

I’m also coordinating the Helsinki fan table at Arisia, but I suspect that’s something most people are less up for helping with, and I have a couple more volunteers for that one from the bid’s staff.  It involves answering questions, talking with people going by, and hopefully accepting money from them.  If you’re interested in doing that, though, do let me know!


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2 responses to “Arisia Plans Needing More Assistance

  1. Andy Steinberg

    Hello. I haven’t received my pix by email yet, I was cosplaying as the Fourth Doctor Who. Can you help please? Thank you.

    • Hi, Andy! Joni and Sharon have all of the pics taken, and promised they would send out the emails. I’m really sorry they haven’t finished yet! You can reach them by emailing photobooth @ I’m sorry I can’t help more — I didn’t get any of the pics, myself.

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