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Readercon 25, Meet the Pros(e)

It’s not the most essential thing I’ve been writing a post about, but I wanted to follow up on a request from this year’s Readercon.

Every year for the past several, at least, Readercon has had an event called “Meet the Pros(e)” on Saturday night of the convention. The program participants are given stickers with quotes from their work (which they’ve previously selected for this purpose) and encouraged to pass them out to fans and pros alike at a meet-and-greet type of setting.  I’ve collected my stickers for the past couple of years, but this year, I was asked if I could post them online somewhere with the attributions.  Sometimes, uh, many of us don’t remember whose words are which after the convention is over.  😉

So here are my pics from my notebook, presented for your perusal.  Enjoy!

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Readercon 25

I don’t have time to blog about it, really, but Readercon 25 started last night. This is the third and final time (at least in a row, at least for now) that I’m chairing the con. I’m so very proud of this team, glad to be a part of it, and excited to see things working. Just wanted to take a moment to note that, since too often we blog about and commemorate the challenges rather than the triumphs.

Also, here is an adorable photo of one of our guests of honor, Andrea Hairston, with her birthday cake. 🙂

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Frozen Confession

The post I wrote on how Worldcon voting works was long overdue, but what really made me get off my butt and finish it was when I realized I was trying to filk an explanation to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen. Srsly.

Do you want to vote on Worldcon?
Site selection is your goal?
We are here to help you cast your vote!
And we don’t mean to gloat,
But now we’re on a roll!

We encourage all of fandom
To help decide
Where our con will be!
Do you want to vote on Worldcon?
(Oh, don’t you want to vote on Worldcon?)

So now you can be earwormed, too! 😉

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So, You Want to Vote on Worldcon Location? Yay!

Worldcon is historically kinda bad at getting the vote out on site selection (aka “voting on where Worldcon will be in the future”).  Last year, there were 6130 total members of LoneStarCon3.  Of these, 1348 members voted on site selection, or not quite 22% of the membership.  And that was a highly contested race!

I don’t think low voter turnout is the intended outcome, but I do think Worldcon voting isn’t the easiest system to understand.  Worldcon is a big endeavor, and big things are unwieldy, and site selection voting hasn’t often made it to the top of the list of things to make sure the public is knowledgeable about.  Plus, according to the Sasquan report I read last month, the previous five Worldcon races were uncontested.  Maybe it’s pretty understandable that it wasn’t a huge focus in the past.  I think I was on Worldcon staff for at least two years before I knew we could vote on Worldcon location.

But this is how we decide where Worldcon will be!  Which has a huge impact on the con in the long term (more on that later)!  And it’s the least expensive option for getting a membership to Worldcon!  So I’m going to attempt to explain it.

Only You Can Bring Worldcon to Helsinki

After losing Worldcon 2015 by only 35 votes, I truly believe that only YOU can bring Worldcon to Helsinki! You, and many others voting with us …

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