Helsinki Diversity

While walking around on the streets of Helsinki during my most recent visit, I was surprised (and felt like an idiot for being surprised) that the streets were full of such diverse people. I heard the expected Finnish, Swedish, and English languages spoken. However, listening to those around me on the tram, I also heard Russian, German, some form of either Spanish or Portuguese, and a few other languages I couldn’t identify, possibly Mandarin (of which I know only two words) and a language or two I’m just too uneducated to even be able to guess.

I saw much more range of skin tones than I anticipated, once I opened my eyes. “If you want the American dream, go to Finland” is a topic that has been written about by several news outlets and bloggers. It seems many have taken Finland up on it, and are happily coexisting in at least Helsinki, from what I can personally confirm. It was pretty cool to behold.


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